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Saving skin saves lives.

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The annual Clinical Symposia provides cutting-edge medical education for practitioners.

Every practicing dermatologist benefits from new treatments unlocked through research — and so do their patients.

For nearly 60 years, the Dermatology Foundation has invested in groundbreaking research leading to new knowledge, treatments, and cures. In 2022, the Foundation continued its investment and awarded over $2.5 million in research funding. This accomplishment is made possible with the ongoing support of our dedicated members and friends. Their generosity sustains this advancement of patient care.


Why We're Here

Advancing our understanding of skin is crucial, not just for us in the specialty, but for the health and well-being of everyone. That’s why the Foundation is here, providing the support needed to increase knowledge, develop innovations, and maintain a talented investigative workforce.

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Changing Lives Through Research

The Dermatology Foundation Research Award Program supports the work of investigators who are exploring a wide spectrum of conditions within the specialty. Their contributions to the knowledge of skin disease drive the improvement of patient care. We empower them today to guide the future of dermatology tomorrow.

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Continuing Medical Education

The DF Clinical Symposia, the Foundation’s highly regarded continuing medical education program, will return to Naples, Florida February 1-4, 2023. Save the dates and watch this space for more program details. Registration will begin in September.

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Saving Skin Saves Lives

It’s the body’s first line of defense, and skin needs defending more than ever. That’s why the Dermatology Foundation supports cutting-edge research and education, and why we aim to bring together all who care for skin. Our collective impact touches so many, as these stories from our community illustrate.

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The power of research and science fuels the future of dermatology.

The Potential of Investigators is Infinite

The Dermatology Foundation invests in early and mid-career researchers with novel ideas and the potential to achieve scientific breakthroughs that lead to new treatments and cures. Our current award recipients are uncovering new knowledge about the topics below, which represent a sample of the Foundation's research portfolio. As science evolves, the potential for more breakthrough research in dermatology expands — and the DF is there to support each step forward.

Skin Care is Health Care

Your contributions to the Dermatology Foundation fuel the groundbreaking research that makes new discoveries possible. And those discoveries in a physician’s hands become the knowledge that heals. 


2022 Research Award Recipients Announced

The DF congratulates its 2022 research award recipients. The Foundation’s Medical and Scientific Committee reviewed many promising proposals and identified those which are most meritorious and impactful for the future of dermatology. We are pleased to support the work of these individuals with an investment of $2.5 million.


Dermatology Focus is Moving to a New Digital Format

The DF’s long-time quarterly newsletter is being transitioned to a new online format. Its purpose will remain the same—to share the most current, relevant discoveries and Foundation news. Visit the new Dermatology Focus site and let us know what you think by completing this short reader survey. Your opinion is important and will help us shape the content and features you believe are valuable.


Advances in Atopic Dermatitis

The results of the DF’s continual investment in dermatology research for nearly six decades is profound. Through research awards, emerging experts receive funding to support their important work. Explore the DF’s rich history of funding research of the pathogenesis and treatment of atopic dermatitis dating back decades.

There is no such thing as a small contribution; every action creates impact.

No dermatologist wants to be practicing the same medicine at the end of their career as they were at the beginning. The DF is critical to our collective future. It has continuously supported promising investigators who have brought us new knowledge and better tools.”

Janet A. Fairley, M.D.

President, Dermatology Foundation
Janet A. Fairley, M.D.
Janet A. Fairley, M.D.

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