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Making a pivotal impact on people's lives.


The Dermatology Foundation has been investing in innovative research for 60 years. The work of the DF is possible only with the generous support of our members, volunteers, and sponsors. With early support from the DF today, promising investigators have the opportunity to become tomorrow's seasoned dermatology professionals, experts, and leaders working to advance the specialty's understanding of disease and treatment, and transform the lives of patients.

Lifelong Involvement

The Top 5 Reasons I Support the Dermatology Foundation

Stuart R. Lessin, MD, serves as KGL Skin Study Center’s Medical Director and is a DF Fitzpatrick Legacy Fund member. He has over 30 years of laboratory and clinical research experience including topical drug development and testing. Dr. Lessin recently spoke with us about a few of the reasons he’s involved with the Dermatology Foundation and has found it to be such significant organization in his life for so long.

Stuart R. Lessin, MD

Haverford, PA

Investing in research and education has never mattered more.

The world is rapidly changing. 


What we’ve discovered about skin and the advances we’ve made over the past six decades with DF funding have been amazing. But we can’t stand still as we face new challenges. We must keep pushing forward and invest in the kind of research and education that is so needed today.

Karen Connolly, MD

Florham Park, NJ

Mentorship and Education

Supporting Research, Saving Lives

Karen Connolly, MD, has been a Dermatology Foundation member since she landed her first job. As a busy surgical dermatologist, she’s been impressed with the type of cutting-edge research the DF funds and by their ongoing educational offerings — just one of the reasons she’s such an advocate for this organization. As she says in this interview: “To support residents, to support education — that's so important.”

Eleni Linos, MD

Stanford University

Public Health and Mentorship

Research in Practice, Changing Lives

Eleni Linos, MD, MPH, DrPH, is Professor of Dermatology and Epidemiology at Stanford University. Among her many research projects, her current work is having an immediate impact on public health during the pandemic. As an active mentor to younger investigators, she shared with us her vision for the future and why she believes that the “intersection of public health and dermatology is a huge opportunity to positively impact people’s lives.”

The future of skin depends on us. 

And now is the time to act.

Your support will go to crucial research and needed education. It will support bold young investigators asking important questions, and help practitioners better serve patients. Every dollar you invest will benefit the science, individuals, and the overall health of our world.

Medicine and Training

Making the Future Better for All of Us

Yvonne Chiu, MD, is making important progress in morphea research that directly helps care for pediatric dermatology patients. She shared more about her work, the important role of mentorship, and how an early vote of confidence she received from the Dermatology Foundation made a difference in her career. She also has some exciting thoughts on the future of our specialty.

Yvonne Chiu, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin

Keys to the Future

Bright Minds for a Brighter Tomorrow

Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Dermatologist-in-Chief of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sewon Kang, MD, knows the importance of new scientific knowledge about the skin. In this interview, he shares his belief that what Dermatology Foundation does is key to our future: “We all benefit from bright dermatologists interested in skin biology who stay in that research space.”

Sewon Kang, MD

Johns Hopkins University

Together we can advance the science.
Together we can save skin — and lives.