Your Legacy Fuels the Future of Dermatology

You've made a career from your passion for skin health. The Visionary Society gives you the chance to ensure the strength and growth of the specialty for years to come. Join the Visionary Society by including the Dermatology Foundation when planning your estate. Bequests and other estate gifts enable future generations of educators and researchers to pursue the same passion, and answer tomorrow's questions.

When we take skin for granted, we take our lives and future for granted.

The pace of scientific discovery is only getting faster. Our understanding of dermatology may grow exponentially over the course of a career, but still more questions arise every day. The key to meeting the evolving challenges is sustained, innovative research. Visionary Society estate gifts ensure the powerful advancements yet to come are realized, and patients receive the care they need.



My career in dermatology has kept me challenged and engaged — always learning. My volunteer time with the Derm Foundation has led to a deeper appreciation of the impact their awards make to our patients and the future of dermatology.  I am honored to be a Visionary Society member so the spirit of always learning continues.

Elizabeth I. McBurney, MD

Chair, Advisory Council

Join the Visionary Society and Continue Your Passion

1. Invest in new knowledge changing patients’ lives for generations to come.

2. Encourage tomorrow's leaders to expand knowledge across the specialty.

3. Ensure innovative ideas can be fully explored by promising investigators.

Visionary Society Members

Continuing their legacy, these donors have included the Dermatology Foundation in their estate plans, investing in the pipeline of discovery for years to come.


David R. Bickers, MD

Ronald R. Brancaccio, MD

Ilona J. Frieden, MD

Lisa A. Garner, MD

Sewon Kang, MD

James J. Leyden, MD

Tomoko Maeda-Chubachi,             MD, PhD, MBA

Renée Mathur, MD

Elizabeth I. McBurney, MD

Kishwer S. Nehal, MD

Thomas G. Olsen, MD

Michael D. Tharp, MD

Jonathan S. Weiss, MD

Bruce U. Wintroub, MD

MEMBER - 2021

Lawrence T. Wang, MD

MEMBER - 2023

James O. Ertle, MD


Alfred Hollander, MD

Karl V. Kaess, MD

Glenn A. Oclassen

Visionary Society gifts accelerate the treatment of skin diseases and disorders through developments we cannot even imagine today.

After decades of working to develop the next generation of dermatologists, I feel there is no greater gift I can leave than an investment in the promising research they will do to transform patient care in the future."

Bruce U. Wintroub, MD

Dermatology Foundation Member at Large
Annenberg Circle Sustainer

Including the Foundation in Your Estate Planning

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