Bold leaps forward are possible with enough support and funding.

The power of investigators advancing the science of skin is infinite. As a Scientific Supporter your donation funds new research avenues leading to knowledge that improves our ability to care for patients. Your gift of $750 demonstrates your belief on the importance of funding specialty innovation with scientific research.

2022 Scientific Society

Demonstrating commitment to research, education, and advancing the specialty.

January 1 to December 31

Special Thanks
Edward J. O’Keefe, MD
Judith R. Shapiro, MD

Optimizing Care Delivery and Health Equity in Patients with Melanoma

Thanks to the Dermatology Foundation for supporting me and my research. I couldn’t have done it without all the donors who keep this valuable organization going.”

Adewole (Ade) S. Adamson, MD, MPP

Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School

2019-2021 Public Health Career Development Award Recipient 

Every disease we see in the practice of dermatology has new treatments, or even cures, awaiting development.

The DF invests in young investigators whose research has the potential to transform how we treat and care for patients. Your gifts move our specialty forward, providing hope and relief with knowledge learned. The long-term vision of the DF community, to continually look forward to what lies ahead, is one of our greatest strengths when we band together.


Because of member support for 60 years, we have:

1. Deepened our understanding 

of diseases and conditions including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, inflammatory dermatoses, and autoimmune skin diseases.

2. Developed innovations

including topical therapies for skin cancer, outcomes research and biologic therapies.

3. Kept talented researchers working in our field

by supporting their work at critical points where private funding is the key to their continued success.