In the midst of the global pandemic and a changing and adapting world, the leadership of the Dermatology Foundation, determined that the success of DF in supporting and advancing research—especially of early career investigators—needed to be secured and mapped out for future researchers, dermatologists, and patients.

And, as a result, the work began for the first strategic plan at DF. With broad consultation and input (member and non-member interviews, a steering committee, and key volunteers), the process unfolded over the course of a year to identify the strategic priorities to enable DF to continue to achieve its mission.

Progress in Action

The plan is already being implemented! With a new website, a renewed emphasis on ensuring the successes of our researchers are communicated to wide audiences, and a focus on diversity, we are seeing the tangible efforts of strategic priorities advancing our mission.

Below is a summary of our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan. Don’t hesitate to contact us at with questions or comments!


Expanding support for research diversity demonstrated through content, applicants, institutions, and collaboration with other dermatological associations.

Strategic Plan 2022-24

Mission: To foster scientific study and the future of research in dermatology by supporting physicians and scientists in their research careers, as well as to promote the advancement of educational programs in dermatology.

Increase Membership and Engagement

  • Dermatologists at all career stages and diverse backgrounds
  • Strategies for long-term engagement

Grow Revenue Sustainably

  • Diverse giving channels to optimize giving opportunities
  • Partnerships and institutional giving further developed

Modernize Communication

  • DF "brand", website and communication channels
  • Increase member and potential member awareness
  • Researcher profiles and successes

Update and Consolidate Award Best Practices

  • Modernize awards to reflect current financial requirements, populations and institutions

What Success Looks Like

More members at all stages at all career stages.

New ways of giving resulting in new donors/members.

New brand and communications to new audiences.

Expanded awareness of DF research and findings.


Strategic Planning Steering Committee

The Dermatology Foundation took a deliberate and thoughtful approach over the course of approximately 10 months to plan for the three-year period from the current year to 2024. Recognition that the convergence of many factors signaled a need for long-term planning and change fueled the Board’s decision to move forward with an inclusive and informed strategic planning process.

The work of the Steering Committee during the course of the planning and each of the member’s contributions provided new information and insight along the way. Steering Committee members were led by co-chairs, Renee J. Mathur, MD and Mr. John Bournas.

Renee J. Mathur, MD

Elizabeth I. McBurney, MD

George Cotsarelis, MD

Michael D. Tharp, MD

Laurin Council, MD

Ginette A. Okoye, MD

Frankie G. Rholdon, MD

Eric S. Fromer, MD

Tiffany Scharschmidt, MD

Megan H. Noe, MD, MPH

Our Framework

What's Not Changing

Because we are proud of our researchers, members and our legacy.

  • Why We’re Here: Since 1964, we’ve been supporting rising young investigators and working to advance the science. The DF has awarded more than 2,500 research awards, investing over $88.4 million in dermatologic research with donations from our members, supporters, and friends. This investment in research has been matched with cutting-edge education, making sure dermatologists have what they need to advance care for patients today — and tomorrow.
  • Leadership Excellence: DF has been guided by leaders in our field with exceptionally strong governance driving strategy and membership.
  • Clinical Symposia: Our highly regarded and well-attended CME meeting is a jewel in the crown of dermatology continuing education that attracts specialty experts to deliver cutting-edge talks on a broad range of topics appealing to attendees.
What's New
What We're Improving