Tissue Regeneration and Wound Healing

Assessing the Functional Consequences of Mitochondrial Genomic Alterations in Cutaneous Aging

Mitochondria generate energy for cells. They contain their own genome, which supports their function. Photoaging is associated with alterations to this genome, but the effects of these changes on mitochondrial…

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Modulation of Epidermal Plasticity by Keratin Intermediate Filaments

The epidermis faces a fundamental architectural challenge during tissue remodeling—balancing resistance to mechanical insult with plasticity. Without resistance, the epidermis cannot form a functional barrier. Without plasticity, growth and wound…

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Investigating Neuroimmune Interactions to Promote Scarless Skin Regeneration

Approximately 100 million new skin scars appear annually in the U.S. The many products marketed for scar prevention produce only modest results. We discovered that activation of the TRPA1 receptor…

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