Executive Committee | Board of Trustees

Among the most notable and respected members of the dermatology community, our Executive Committee members draw upon their diverse experience across the specialty to guide the Dermatology Foundation. These exceptional individuals bring their passion for strengthening the specialty through expanding knowledge, all in the service of improving patient care. The Foundation thanks our Executive Committee for their unwavering dedication. Click on the names below to learn more about these remarkable dermatologists.


Elizabeth I. McBurney, M.D.

Chair, Board of Trustees
Janet A. Fairley, M.D.

Janet A. Fairley, M.D.

Dr. Sewon Kang

Sewon Kang, M.D.

Vice President
Renee Mathur, MD

Renée J. Mathur, M.D.


Members at Large

Yvonne Chiu

Yvonne E. Chiu, M.D.

Dr. Cotsarelis

George Cotsarelis, M.D.

Dr. Stuart Lessin

Stuart R. Lessin, M.D.

Dr. Kishwer S. Nehal, MD

Kishwer S. Nehal, M.D.

John T. Seykora, MD

John T. Seykora, M.D., Ph.D.

Michael D. Tharp, MD

Michael D. Tharp, M.D.


Jonathan S. Weiss, M.D.


Bruce U. Wintroub, M.D.


Ronald R. Brancaccio, M.D.
Bruce A. Brod, M.D.
Jennifer C. Cather, M.D.
Misty D. Caudell, M.D.
Emily Y. Chu, M.D., Ph.D.
Karen Connolly, M.D.
M. Laurin Council, M.D.
Connor P. Dolehide, M.D.

Eric S. Fromer, M.D.
Lisa A. Garner, M.D.
William W. Huang, M.D., M.P.H.
Stephen Klinger M.D.
Carrie L. Kovarik, M.D.
Joseph C. Kvedar, M.D.
Keith G. LeBlanc, Jr., M.D.
John C. Maize, Jr., M.D.

Megan H. Noe, M.D., M.P.H.
Jack S. Resneck, Jr., M.D.
Frankie G. Rholdon M.D.
Kathleen S. Stokes, M.D.
Karolyn A. Wanat, M.D.
Ashley Wysong, M.D., M.S.
Kim B. Yancey, M.D.

Meet the Foundation Team

Guiding the operational excellence and implementation of purpose is the DF team. Led by John Bournas, Executive Director, the Foundation is undergoing transformational change as it strengthens its digital, educational, fundraising, and research capabilities in support of the dermatology community and patients. With over 80 years combined professional nonprofit management, the staff brings their passion and experience to help the Foundation succeed.


John E. Bournas, MA, MBA

Executive Director

Christine M. Boris, MBA

Deputy Executive Director

Jim Struthers, BA, AFP

Director of Development

Alejandra Lule-Rivera, BA, MM

Office Operations Associate

Beth Rankin, M.Ed.

Program Associate

When we unite and share knowledge, the potential of dermatology is limitless.