There is no such thing as a small contribution; every action creates impact.

Dermatology is a lifelong passion — spanning residency to early and midcareer through to late career — the quest to learn more is always present. Scholars Circle is the heart of the Dermatology Foundation with your entry-level gift of $250. This donation reflects your passion to invest in knowledge that advances our specialty.

2023 Scholars Circle

Our thanks for the many Scholar Circle gifts that made it possible for the DF to fund promising research.

January 1 to December 31

Taylor Adlam, MD

Katherine O. Ayoade, MD, PhD

Kelli I. Baender, MD

Katrina Bassett, MD

Saida Baxt, MD

Nicole Bender, MD

Lionel G. Bercovitch, MD

Arthur P. Bertolino, MD, PhD

Neal D. Bhatia, MD

Nicholas R. Blickenstaff, MD, MS

Anthony Bonfiglio, MD

John A. Bovenmyer, MD

Jennifer Bragg, MD

Mitchell L. Bressack, MD

Christopher G. Bunick, MD, PhD

Carol G. Burg, MD

Stephanie A. Caradonna, MD

Soni S. Carlton, MD

David R. Carr, MD

Carolyn B. Carroll, MD

Benjamin Carter, MD

Vernon D. Casterline, MD

Judith A. Cenci, MD

Eric D. Challgren, MD

Robert L. Chappell, Jr., MD

David Y. Chen, MD, PhD

Thomas C. Chin, MD

Erica Colleran, MD

Joseph Conlon, MD

Shawn E. Cowper, MD

Deborah Cummins, MD

Thomas N. Darling, MD, PhD

Robert N. DeAngelis, MD

Michael Del Torto, MD

David G. Deneau

Brianne Dickey, MD

David F. Dieteman, MD

Christopher M. DiMarco, MD

Erin M. Dodd, MD

Kenneth E. Dorsey, MD

Michael Doucet, MD

Elizabeth M. Dugan, MD

Tammie C. Ferringer, MD

Nina Myerson Fisher, MD

Alexandra Flamm, MD

William Frank, MD, FAAD

Esther E. Freeman, MD, PhD

Cheri N. Frey, MD

Jason Gagnon, MD, MSc, MPH

Ellen C. Gendler, MD

Liza Gill, MD

Mr. Elliot Goldberg

Jerold B. Graff, MD

James M. Grichnik, MD, PhD

Ned Gross, MD, FAAD

Gabriel Gruber, MD

Johann E. Gudjonsson, MD, PhD

Steven L. Harlan, MD

Howland Hartley, MD

Robert Hartman, MD

Dean W. Hearne, MD

Craig S. Heinly, MD

Barbara M. Hisler, MD

David H. Horowitz, MD

Robert Hudson, MD

Jeffrey Hurley, MD

Ellen Russell Jacobson, MD

Sarah Jacobson, MD

Michelle A. Jahnke, MD

Farhana Jan, MD, FAAD

Renata M. Jenkin, MD, PhD

Lawrence Johnson, MD

Joel C. Joyce, MD

Drazen M. Jukic, MD, PhD

Monika Kaniszewska, MD

Rhonda L. Karol, MD

Julia Kasprzak, MD

Kristen M. Kelly, MD

Christine Kilcline, MD

Laura R. Klein, MD

James M. Komorous, MD

Ellen Koo, MD

Arianne S. Kourosh, MD, MPH

Roopal Kundu, MD

Cristina Lampuri, MD

Pearon G. Lang, Jr., MD

Larry L. Legum, MD

Michelle Lewis, MD

Vincent Liu, MD

Mr. Robert J. Loeb

Donald P. Lookingbill, MD

Adam J. Luber, MD

Valerie B. Lyon, MD

Kathi Madison, MD

Tomoko Maeda-Chubachi, MD, PhD, MBA

Michele Z. Magnino, MD

Matthew H. Mahoney, MD

Stephen H. Mandy, MD

Xuming Mao, MD, PhD

David J. Margolis, MD

Robert J. Martin, MD

Jason McBean, MD

Jessica Mercer, MD

Alvin H. Meyer, Jr., MD

Dr. Lawrence B. Meyerson

Anar Mikailov, MD

Leonard M. Milstone, MD

Tricia A. Missall, MD, PhD

Jill S. Nelson, MD

William B. O'Grady, MD

Eric G. Olson, MD

Oluwakemi Onajin, MD

Kenneth J. Pechman, MD, PhD

Gary L. Peck, MD

Susan B. Perry, MD

Angela R. Peterman, MD

Joel C. Phillips, MD

Amy M. Polster, MD

Miriam Keltz Pomeranz, MD

Geoffrey Potts, MD

Carol Prince, MD, MPH

Judith V. Redd, MD

Jason Reinberg, MD

Ryan Rich, MD

Paul G. Rolincik, III, MD

Rustin Ross, MD

Kimberly A. Rossi, MD

Anne Rothman, MD

Allison J. Schaus, MD

Mr. Schindler

Sarah Schram, MD

Bridget Shields, MD

Kirk A. Sidey, MD, MBA

Julia Siegel, MD

Jason L. Smith, MD

Olayemi Sokumbi, MD

Michael Sorace, MD

David A. South, MD

Elizabeth M. Spiers, MD

Michael B. Stierstorfer, MD

Joel C. Sunshine, MD, PhD

Sarah L. Taylor, MD, MPH

Bruce H. Thiers, MD

John A. Thompson, Jr., MD

Oscar W. Thompson, III, MD

Kenneth J. Tomecki, MD

Matthew J. Turner, MD

Georgia A. Tuttle, MD

Darshan Vaidya, MD

Tina C. Venetos, MD

Mary G. Veremis-Ley, DO

Kimberly D. Vincent, MD

Dr.  Joy Wan, MD, MSCE

Lee E. Wheless, MD, PhD

Vivian Wong, MD

Dakara Rucker Wright, MD

Cyndi Yag-Howard, MD

Kara Young, MD

We invest your donations to support and advance the science of skin.

Because of member support for nearly 60 years, we have:

1. Deepened our understanding 

of diseases and conditions including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, inflammatory dermatoses, and autoimmune skin diseases.

2. Developed innovations

including topical therapies for skin cancer, outcomes research and biologic therapies.

3. Kept talented researchers working in our field

by supporting their work at critical points where private funding is the key to their continued success.

Multicenter Prospective Rare Cutaneous Tumor Database and Tissue Bank

Support from the DF laid the groundwork for my career and really helped get me to where I am today. Thank you to the Foundation and those who support it, making research awards possible for me and others.”

Jeremy Bordeaux, MD, MPH

Professor, Case Western Reserve University
Jeremy Bordeaux, M.D. M.P.H.

2010 Clinical Career Development Award in Dermatologic Surgery

With the generosity of our members and volunteers, for 60 years the Foundation has:

Granted more than 2,500 research awards.

Invested more than $88,400,000 in research awards.

Expanded industry knowledge across the specialty.

Fostered the careers of young and mid-career dermatologists.

Created a continuum of experienced leaders across the spectrum.

Funded cutting-edge research leading to improved patient care.

Every disease we see in the practice of dermatology has new treatments, or even cures, awaiting development.

The DF funds research with the greatest potential to lead to new treatments. The Foundation's investment creates the path from research to innovation, bringing hope and relief to patients everywhere.