Award Requirements

The Foundation requires the submission of final research and financial reports for each research award granted. Both reports must be completed and submitted no later than 60 days following the end of the award period to

  • To confirm that you have met the reporting requirement for your award, you will receive an email confirmation from the DF. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact the office at 847-328-2256 or
  • The final award payment will be scheduled for disbursement once the financial and research reports have been received. Please note, award funds will not be distributed beyond one year of the award termination date.

Help to Continue the Funding of Dermatology Research

Award recipients can do something specific to help the Dermatology Foundation continue funding the research projects of today. The Foundation has prepared a PowerPoint slide to be used in your research presentations. It reads: “The Dermatology Foundation has supported and advanced my career.”

Research Report

The final research report is to be completed and submitted by an award recipient. For a multi-year awardee, this report is due following the final year of award funding.

Financial Report

This form must be completed by the accountant, research funds manager, or financial officer of the sponsoring institution, and signed by the Dermatology Chair/Chief.