We All Have Skin in the Game — Take A Stand

The Dermatology Foundation relies on the generosity of our members and volunteers to support our mission of advancing dermatology. Gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated. To show our gratitude, the Foundation is pleased to recognize gifts corresponding to our Giving Societies. Learn more about our Societies and how you can make an impact.

Donor Rosters

The Foundation is honored to acknowledge our many members and volunteers whose generous support continues the pipeline of discovery. Thank you.


Scholars Circle

Scholars Circle membership provides an opportunity for early-career physicians to further the DF's impact and take advantage of member education benefits. These donors are the heart of the DF. Contributions of $250 ensure promising research benefiting the specialty gets funded.

Scientific Society

The Scientific Society provides the opportunity for those looking to increase their level of giving while maintaining a budget. Their charitable gifts of $750 demonstrate their deepened commitment to research advancing the specialty.

Leaders Society

Leaders Society members contribute gifts of $1,500, and form the largest of the Foundation’s giving Societies. Their generous donations provide the funds that support exciting new research, leading to a better insight and understanding of dermatology diseases and therapeutics.

Annenberg Circle

Annenberg Circle offers two levels of support. First, Annenberg Circle donors make a $25,000, five-year commitment. Once completed, Annenberg Circle Sustainers offers the opportunity to continue their support with an annual gift of $5,000. Their gracious long-term investment provides the funding for promising research by dedicated dermatologists across our specialty.

Fitzpatrick Legacy Fund

The Thomas B. Fitzpatrick Fund honors one of the Foundation’s founders and a pillar of dermatology. Investments of $100,000 help fulfill Dr. Fitzpatrick’s vision of improving the specialty through continual scientific discovery leading to new, effective treatments.

Visionary Society

The Visionary Society provides the opportunity to continue your legacy of giving by including the Dermatology Foundation in your estate plans. Your thoughtful gift ensures that future generations of educators and researchers will be able to continue their important work, furthering our knowledge.

We invest your donations to support and advance the science of skin.

3 Reasons Why Your Investment Creates Impact

1. Growing Need for Support

Early career funding is vital to the future of dermatology. However, the demand is often greater than available dollars. Research awards from the DF launch careers, providing investigators the time and mentorship needed to compete successfully for long-term funding from the NIH and other notable organizations. Our investments create the pipeline of continuous innovation, establishing tomorrow’s leaders.

2. The Potential of the Investigator is Infinite

From nearly 60 years of supporting promising research, we have seen DF-funded studies progress to become today’s standard of care. Through the DF research award program, we support young investigators early in their career whose curiosity and quest for answers hold the key to future discoveries. The power of investigators moving the specialty forward and the knowledge waiting to be discovered is unlimited.


3. Together, We Are Powerful

When the dermatology community unites, it creates a synergy that sparks innovation. Across the spectrum, our commitment to further our understanding of dermatologic issues ultimately leads to improved care for patients. With our combined knowledge and drive, from researchers to educators to practitioners, we are a powerful voice propelling our specialty forward.

The Dermatology Foundation mission has always been to try to support young people early in their careers in dermatology. There’s a really good track record that of some of those people have gone on to great careers and that have done a lot to develop new therapies for our patients."

Janet Fairley, MD

Dermatology Foundation President

Other Ways to Make a Difference


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Bold leaps forward are possible with enough support and funding.

The DF is committed to funding promising research and continuing education that advances patient care. To achieve our mission the Foundation relies on the generosity of our volunteers and members. Make your commitment to the future of dermatology and support the Foundation. It’s an investment in science, researchers and patients, now and in the future.