Life-changing Investments

Members of The Fitzpatrick Legacy Fund make an exceptional 5-year commitment totaling $100,000. These members' extraordinary gifts honor the spirit of the society's namesake, Dr. Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, and his belief that the power of research and science fuel the future of dermatology.

Honoring a Legend

Dr. Thomas B. Fitzpatrick was a major force in dermatology. Central to his career was his never-ending concern for his patients. His presence made an indelible mark on the specialty through teaching, research, publications, and advising over 20 professional organizations worldwide.

As one of the Founding Members of the DF nearly six decades ago, Dr. Fitzpatrick combined his passions to ensure that investments in new dermatology research will continue to create a path to better patient care. Science does not stand still and progress requires the kind of dedicated stewardship Dr. Fitzpatrick exemplified.

The Foundation pays tribute to this remarkable man with The Fitzpatrick Legacy Fund.


2021 Fitzpatrick Legacy Fund

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the tremendous investment made by these remarkable individuals and their generosity. Thank you.

Rex A. Amonette, M.D. 

Susan V. Bershad, M.D. 

Gordon J. Dow, Pharm.D. 

Harley A. Haynes, M.D. 

Stuart R. Lessin, M.D. 

James J. Leyden, M.D. 

Robert L. Roschel, M.D. 

Jonah Shacknai 

Charles W. Stiefel

Eugene J. Van Scott, M.D.

Ruey J. Yu, Ph.D., O.M.D.

Anonymous Donor

The Dermatology Foundation is the only professional organization that focuses on the future of dermatology.”

Stuart Lessin, M.D.

Fitzpatrick Society Member
Chair, Leaders Society
Dr. Stuart Lessin

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