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Helpful Hints

All application forms have been structured so they can easily be completed online. For ease of use, use your TAB key to move from section to section when completing all forms.
To print a blank form, without the form completion prompts, select the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You may use this option even if you only have the Adobe Acrobat Reader (i.e., the free Adobe edition).
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Research Awards Program Instructions and Forms
For CDA, Fellowship and Grant Applicants
Applicant Instructions Booklet
This booklet contains essential information applicants need to know to evaluate the various Foundation award opportunities, and develop a successful application and research proposal. Interested individuals are strongly encouraged to read sections II and III before beginning any paperwork. Section IV provides step-by-step instructions for submitting a new award application package. Details on how to prepare a request for renewal of a career development award are presented in section VI.
View or print CDA, Fellowship and Grant Applicant Instructions.
Required Forms

Every new award application and renewal request requires the use of specific forms. The Applicant Instructions booklet identifies the forms that must be completed and submitted for each Foundation award.

All standard forms are available on this website and have been created so they can be downloaded, completed and saved in Word (Word 2000 or greater, or Word for Mac) or Adobe Acrobat (full version of 5.0 or greater, Standard or Professional edition). Keep in mind, the Foundation requires original signatures on the Research Award Application and the Career Development Award Renewal Application.

If you have any difficulty using these forms, please call the DF office at 847-328-2256.

Form Document Format
Research Award Application Form (all award types) Acrobat Word
Career Development Award Application Checklist Acrobat Word
Fellowship Application Checklist Acrobat Word
Patient Directed Investigation and Research Grant
Application Checklist
Acrobat Word
Applicant Biographical Sketch (use for all award types) Acrobat Word
Chair's Comments of Support N/A Word
Career Development Award Renewal Application
(use for renewals only)
Acrobat Word
For Current Award Recipients
The Foundation requires the submission of final research and financial reports for each research award granted. Both reports must be completed and submitted no later than 30 days following the end of the award period. Only reports submitted using the Foundation forms provided below and with original signatures will be accepted. Upon receipt of both reports, the final payment representing 10% of the award amount will be scheduled. Award funds will not be distributed beyond one year of an award termination date.
Final Research Report
The final research report is to be completed and submitted by an award recipient. For a career development awardee, this report is due following the third and final year of award funding. The award-specific report forms are provided in the table below in two formats.
Research Award Document Format
All Career Development Awards (CDAs) Acrobat Word
Dermatologist Investigator Research Fellowship Acrobat Word
Patient Directed Investigation and Research Grants Acrobat Word
Final Financial Report
This form must be completed by the accountant, research funds manager or financial officer of the sponsoring institution, and signed by the Dermatology Chair/Chief. 
Research Award Document Format
Stiefel Scholar Award Acrobat Word
All Career Development Awards Acrobat Word
All Fellowships Acrobat Word
All Grants Acrobat Word
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