Saving Skin and Saving Lives

When we take skin for granted, we’re taking human lives for granted. So, for over 57 years we’ve invested in cutting-edge investigators and funded their research. And we’ve provided education and support for dermatologists on the front lines.

We’ve only been able to do all of that because of the generosity of doctors and others like you who care about dermatology, who believe bold leaps forward are possible with enough support and funding.


Your gift, of any size, will make a difference.

Your donation unites you with a powerful community of academics, researchers and practitioners dedicated to advancing the science of skin. With several levels to choose from, The Foundation Is honored to recognize your tax-deductible gift as a member of our Giving Societies.

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Join Us. We can do so much more, together.

Together we can innovate and advance science.

Together we can improve the ways we care for patients.


Over 2,440 pivotal grants.
Over $80 million invested in research.
Together, we’re leading the way in the science of skin.