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The Foundation provides an effective way for every dermatologist to support progress in the specialty. Every contribution is meaningful and contributes to keeping dermatology on the cutting edge of medical innovation and improving patient care.

The Need is Significant
  • The NIH inflation-adjusted budget is now at its lowest level since 2000.
  • Young researchers and academics are discouraged from staying on an investigative career track due to an inability to compete for diminishing federal funding.
  • DF support allows new physician-scientists and investigators to develop the research experience and data needed to successfully vie for federal research grants.

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See why your colleagues choose to support the specialty through their Dermatology Foundation memberships.

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Ensure the Future of Dermatology
Individual physician support has always been at the core of the DF's ability to support progress, and in an era of uncertain economic and health care trends, it is more important than ever. The Foundation is pleased to offer the following membership opportunities.

Annenberg Circle

Demonstrating Foresight and Commitment to Medical & Surgical Dermatology

Annenberg Circle members make a $25,000 commitment, payable in up to five annual contributions of $5,000. Up to $10,000 in Leaders Society contributions may be applied toward an Annenberg Circle pledge.

Annenberg Circle Sustaining

Members who have completed their Annenberg Circle pledges and wish to maintain an active role in supporting the specialty are invited to become Sustaining Members by contributing $5,000 annually.

(See current members and special recognition details.)

Leaders Society

Leadership giving for all of Dermatology

Members of the Leaders Society commit to a $1,500 annual contribution, payable in up to four quarterly payments of $375. The Leaders Society is the DF's largest membership group with nearly 900 physicians in 2015. Join now.

(See current members and special recognition details.)

Other Membership Opportunities

Fitzpatrick Legacy Fund

Extraordinary Commitment to the Advancement of Dermatology

Fitzpatrick Legacy Fund members make a gift of $100,000 or more payable in up to five annual contributions of at least $20,000.

Scientific Society

Annual contribution of $750 to $1,499

Scholars Circle

Annual contribution of $250 to $749

Resident Membership

Honorary membership for dermatology residents

"Look at all the people we've supported. Can you imagine what might have happened if the DF hadn't given support to current teachers and leaders in the field? The successes have been tremendous, and it's been wonderful to be a part of that."

— Michael D. Tharp, M.D., DF President

Membership Recognition
DF members have the satisfaction of knowing that they have contributed to the healthy growth of the specialty and improved the treatments available for their patients. Additionally, the Dermatology Foundation offers a variety of personal and professional opportunities for members.

For those giving at the Leadership level:

  • Reduced or complimentary registration for the Foundation's annual Clinical Symposia.
  • Recognition ribbons given at AAD Annual Meeting and other major dermatology meetings.
  • Listing in the DF Annual Report and Membership Recognition Roster.
  • Invitation to join your colleagues at the DF's annual Leadership Recognition reception at the AAD Annual Meeting.

For all members:

  • Complimentary subscription to a widely respected quarterly publication, Dermatology Focus.
  • The opportunity to network with today's—and tomorrow's—leaders at Foundation-sponsored events.
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If you have questions regarding DF membership please call the DF office or email us at

The Dermatology Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Dues contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

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