CDA Review Instructions

All CDA renewal requests received are provided in .pdfs via the links below. We have identified whether each applicant is in the 1st or 2nd year of the award, the institution, project title and the assigned reviewer. Simply click on "Application" to open the document. Publications are also provided, for applicants who included them with their materials.

Please remember that recipients in Year 1 of their CDA have only 4 months of progress to report, while Year 2 recipients have a full year. When reviewing each of these applicants, please keep the following renewal criteria in mind:

  1. Evidence of significant progress on the research project;
  2. Continued commitment to career development;
  3. The pursuit of additional funding (not applicable to Derm. Surg/Med. Derm CDA renewals).

Approval Requested

Please advise Chris of your approval and any application that you have concerns about renewing for 2022. It will be placed on the agenda for discussion at the upcoming meeting.

If you have any difficulty viewing any of the files on this page, please contact Chris at the DF office: 847-328-2256.

Applications for Review (Sorted by Reviewer)