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May, 2005

Dermatology Foundation - Record Giving by Dermatologists in 2004

Physicians contributed a record $3.1 million to the Dermatology Foundation in 1004, exceeding industry support. Bruce U. Wintroub, M.D., President of the Dermatology Foundation, announced this historic achievement at the Foundation's Annual Meeting, February 19, 2005, New Orleans, LA. Of the total dollars given by dermatologists, 91% of all physician-support came from members of the Annenberg Circle and Leaders Society.

Fitzpatrick Legacy Fund Honors Work of Legendary Dermatologist

This hallmark year in dermatologists' support was topped off by the founding of the Thomas B. Fitzpatrick Legacy Fund to support dermatologic science over the next century and beyond. This newest Dermatology Foundation opportunity represents the largest membership giving level in dermatology. Thomas B. Fitzpatrick Legacy Fund members pledge $100,000 to be paid over a maximum of five years through annual contributions of $20,000 or more.

Eugene J. Van Scott, M.D. founded this award to honor his late colleague Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, M.D., Ph.D. for outstanding contributions to the field of dermatology. Both Drs. Van Scott and Fitzpatrick were among the 10 dermatologists who founded the Dermatology Foundation in 1964.

Honoring Dr. Van Scott for his vision and philanthropy, Dr. Wintroub read from a plaque presented to Dr. Van Scott: "In 1964, you and nine of your colleagues created a vision for dermatology's future. You helped found the Dermatology Foundation to fund the careers of young dermatologic researchers and teachers. In 2004, you stepped forward to Shape the Future of Dermatology and honor one whose commitment you shared in 1964. In founding the Thomas B. Fitzpatrick Legacy Fund, you challenge your colleagues throughout the country to give more to enhance patient care. We salute you and those who will follow your example."

Dr. Van Scott was joined by an anonymous donor for a total of two members pledged to the Fund in 2004. Charles W. Stiefel, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stiefel Laboratories Inc., has since joined and is the first to make this pledge in 2005.

2004 Annenberg Circle Support Grows by 62%

Since 1994, dermatologists and members of the Dermatology Foundation's corporate partners have made an exceptional investment to shape the future of dermatology by joining the Annenberg Circle with a lifetime commitment of $25,000. In 2004, support through the Annenberg Circle grew by 62% thanks to its 78 new members plus additional support from 13 Sustaining Members -- current members who, having fulfilled their $25,000 commitment, gave an additional $5,000.

Rex A. Amonette, M.D., Chairman of the Annenberg Circle Committee commented: "Funds from the Annenberg Circle are becoming increasingly important to the Foundation in its mission to shape the future of dermatology. Its continued healthy growth enables the DF to move ahead in its vital career-building vision by developing the research and teaching careers of emerging leaders in medical and surgical dermatology." Pointing out that 60% of the research awards funded for 2005 are multi-year awards in such areas as medical and dermatologic surgery and health care policy, Dr. Amonette concluded that "the DF's ability to grow is sustained by generous support from the specialty and industry and is clear evidence that the entire dermatologic community understands the Foundation's premier and singular role in shaping the future of dermatology."

James O. Ertle, M.D., serves with Dr. Amonette as Vice Chair of the Annenberg Circle Committee and members for 2004 were: Drs. Rodney S. W. Basler, Marshall L. Blankenship, Gary A. Dyer, Gerald G. Krueger, Elizabeth I. McBurney, Thomas G. Olsen, Barbara R. Reed, Wendy E. Roberts, Richard K. Scher, and Donald S. Waldorf.

2004 Leaders Society Increases Giving More than $280,000

Members of the Leaders Society increased their generosity by more than $280,000 in 2004. This is the largest increase in the program's 16-year history, resulting in added funding for dermatologic research and advancements throughout the specialty. The first year of an annual dues increase of $500 to $1,500 saw nearly 1,000 dermatologists make the difference through this level of leadership giving.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the hard-working network of Leaders Society Campaign chairs across the country and Dermik Laboratories, Inc.'s Leaders Society Challenge combined to produce this growth," said Michael D. Tharp, M.D., Chairman of the Leaders Society Committee. "The DF is ever-mindful that its development of the next generation of leaders in medical and surgical dermatology must keep pace with dermatology as it continues to evolve. This keen awareness has, in fact, been the reason for increasing the number of multi-year clinical and career development awards."

Serving with Dr. Tharp on the Leaders Society Committee are Vice Chair, Dr. Stuart R. Lessin and Committee members, Drs. Rodney S. W. Basler, James O. Ertle, Elizabeth I. McBurney, Lisa A. Garner, William S. Sawchuk, Richard K. Scher, Steven K. Shama and Richard D. Sontheimer.

The Dermatology Foundation, a non-profit organization, has been supporting and shaping the future of dermatology since 1964 when a group of concerned dermatologists founded it to support the career-development aspirations of the next generation of researchers and educators throughout dermatology. It is second only to the federal government as a source of funding for those pursuing careers in research and teaching and raises contributions from members of the specialty and the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and surgical industries. For a complete view of the Dermatology Foundation's activities, programs and publications, please visit its website at

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