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February, 2004

Harley A. Haynes, MD: Honored with the Dermatology Foundation's 2003 Lifetime Career Educator Award

Harley A. Haynes, MD

Harley A. Haynes, MD, has accumulated such a long and distinguished track record in teaching within the dermatology program throughout the extensive Harvard system that he is considered the "Dean of Dermatology Education" there. His full range of educational activities has amplified his influence nation wide. The Dermatology Foundation recognized his fundamental impact on the preparation of tomorrow's dermatologists with their Lifetime Career Educator Award, which he received at the Foundation's Annual Meeting on February 7, 2004 during the annual convention of the American Academy of Dermatology in Washington, DC.

After graduating Princeton and completing his medical training-including two separate residencies-within the Harvard system, Dr. Haynes left only for a 3-year research fellowship in the Dermatology Branch of the National Cancer Institute between his two residencies at Harvard. He joined the dermatology faculty at Harvard in 1970, and in 1987 became part of what is now the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. His enormous agenda of clinical activities within the entire reach of the Harvard system has been matched by his teaching commitments and impact. "Dr. Haynes is a very powerful force in teaching about skin and dermatology, with great clinical judgment-the complete compassionate physician who is admired by students, residents, and faculty," observes his department chair John A. Parrish, MD. Colleague Thomas S. Kupper points to "the number of dermatologists who have trained here and subsequently named Dr. Haynes as the greatest influence on their career."

Harvard Medical School's tributes include the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching (in 1985 and again in 1987), the the Department of Dermatology's Sam Moschella Teaching Scholar Award (1997), and most recently-in 2000-the Daniel D. Federman Outstanding Clinical Educator Award. Additionally, Dr. Haynes has influenced the training of all dermatology residents through contributions to national educational committees and the significant number of teaching materials he has published. He reaches practicing dermatologists through regular educational sessions at AAD meetings.

Dr. Haynes is currently Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School, Vice Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Associate Chief, Dermatology Service, Boston VA Healthcare System.

The Dermatology Foundation is a nonprofit organization created in 1964 by concerned dermatologists to provide a national organization for advancing patient care through funded research, and is now second only to the federal government as a source of funding for investigative dermatology. The Foundation raises funds from within both the specialty and from the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and surgical industries to support a research program of the highest quality that is also exceptional in its breadth and depth.

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